Hotel Punta Teonoste


Offers different alternatives of relaxation and massage to attend any need. It is a unique experience where one tries to find the perfect balance of body, mind and spirit in exquisite harmony.

Among the options that you can find in our spa are:

Relaxing Massage: Manual process, which is applied firmly and progressively, with the purpose of releasing the accumulated tension in the body and the relaxation of the mind.

Massage with Acupressure Technique: Stimulation of specific points on the body, helping to relieve pain and strengthen the health of your body, with only the fingers and elbows without using needles.

Bamboo Therapia: It is an alternative therapy of relaxation and physical improvement that stimulates the skin, the adipose system and the nervous system by the gentle and pleasant contact with different bamboo canes applied to each body area.

Deluxe 5 Steps Therapy: Complete beauty treatment for a healthy skin and combination of muscular relaxation therapy. The treatment also offers stimulation of the senses through touch and smell (aromatherapy), achieving an enriching and rejuvenating experience. A total relaxation, which includes exfoliations, baths, moisturizing treatments and massages.

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